Can somebody help me translate literaly? 1. 桃花复含宿雨,柳绿更带春烟 (唐王维) 2. 料峭小桃风,凝澹春容 (明谢无逸) 3. 野桃含笑竹篱短,溪柳自摇沙水清 (宋苏轼) 4. 烟雨半藏烟柳,风光初到桃花 (明毛泽民) 5. 鳜鱼吹起桃花浪 (明晁叔) 6. 春岸桃花水 (杜甫)
Feb 24, 2017 1:23 PM
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1) The rain from last night still lingers on the peach blossom, and the woods appear a nice shade of green in the morning mist. 2) In the chill of the early spring, an air of calmness presents itself in the spring. 3) Wild peaches cheekily peeking over the short bamboo, the clear waters of the small brook exposing the sandy bottom. 4) The willow trees appear hazy through the fine rain, (but it is) the vivid peach blossoms (that) steals the show. 5) Lotsa fish (specifically a perch, usually the plumpest during spring- good eating) appears in the churning waters of the river. 桃花浪 just means the swirling, foaming waters of a churning river, nothing to do with flowers. 6) There is a second bit you missed out: 春岸桃花水, 云帆枫树林. 'Tis the time of spring again, the rivers have swollen, and the smell of spring hangs in the air. In the distance, there are clouds rolling atop a leafy forest beyond. You just love spring, don't you?
February 24, 2017
Please wait for my answer.
February 24, 2017
February 24, 2017
Don't try these poem. It's too hard to you.
March 2, 2017
I'm trying to offer a few instances to meet your need. 1. 这个婆娘不是人, 九天仙女下凡尘, 生个儿子是个贼, 偷得蟠桃献母亲 ___ This is a funny tale, you may search for more specific information about it.
February 25, 2017
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