应聘 Accept a job/apply for a job Can anyone help me discern the meaning here as the meanings accept/apply for a job could cause a lot of confusion in real world usage! It's even more confusing when the word 应聘者 (applicant/successful applicant) is used. Are there other words used to make the following sentences unambiguous in Chinese: He is an applicant for the job/He is the successful job applicant.
Feb 26, 2017 7:45 AM
Answers · 3
He is an applicant for the job。 他是来应聘这份工作的(人)。or even 他是来应聘这工作的 他是这个工作来应聘的(人)。 He is the successful job applicant 他是应聘成了这份工作的(人)。 他是这个工作应聘通过的(人)。 他是这个工作应聘成功的(人)。 他是这份工作被录用的(人)。 他是这个工作被聘用的(人)。 I agree with you. it is a bit confusing in some cases. I know the feeling, BTW, 应聘者 is formal. we use 应聘的 or 应聘的人 in daily speech.
February 26, 2017
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