hello i have just started learning spanish. so what is the best method to learn a language? hello i am sunny from india. i have just started learning spanish from past 20 days. right now i am just learning common greetings and phrases. i want to chat and have normal conversation. thats is my current goal. so can anybody tell me whats the best method to achieve this goal. i am confused that i should study grammer or i should focus on phrase.
Feb 26, 2017 2:15 PM
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Hi! Best method is to communicate with others and also nowadays there are a lot of apps which you can download in your mobile phone to keep memorising words in the meantime (like memrise for example). This works in general much better than buying a grammar book. They are little challenges and in this way you are more motivated to continue the learning process. If you have some time, you could watch some films or shortfalls from Pixar and Disney. Something easy which you might not understand entirely but meanwhile watching and reading subtitles you train your listening, which will help you a lot also when you speak (cause you will try automatically to imitate the sounds you've heard) All of this and, of course, some lessons with somebody who helps you to improve your weak points and to enhance your strengths is also wonderful, moreover studying with a teacher could also give entrance to a significant communication and practice of the language :)
February 27, 2017
El mejor método para mí, es leer, escuchar y ver cosas de tu nivel. Por ejemplo, a mis alumnos les doy algunas series de TV hecha especialmente para estudiantes, pero dependiendo del nivel una es más adecuada que otra. Lo mismo con la lectura, buscar para leer cosas simples porque de lo contrario te vas a aburrir o a frustrar. Hablar con nativos y que te ayuden con correcciones o que directamente te enseñen, es muy importante. Lo que siempre recomiendo es evitar libros de gramática o estudiar una lista de vocabulario porque eso se olvida rápido, en cambio, aprender en contexto (como algo en TV o leyendo una historia) es 100 % más productivo. Espero te ayude. Saludos
February 26, 2017
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February 26, 2017
The short and hard answer, you need to do it all. You need to talk, write, listen, practice words, practice grammar. As to what to do, consider this: You practice the words, you practice the grammar, you put together the words you know with the grammar you know, and practice these. Don't waste time learning too many long phrases with any new words. If you want to learn a new phrase, turn it into several small parts and then learn the phrase when you know each part. My favourite method, after years of paying my way through every "ultimate language-learning" service/guide/website (Rosetta stone, word listening, 10 000 words list, grammar banks), I found something that works for me. For Russian, I use Russianpod101 (there is also Spanishpod101 by the same company but I cannot comment on its quality), and they provide thousands of pre-recorded lessons. Each lesson revolves around a natural conversation that is being spoken and then analysed. You then get introduced to the important vocabulary, and then the grammar points of that particular lesson. I take the vocabulary and grammar points alike and construct flashcards with the use of Anki making sure I learn them. The vocabulary of these lessons make a good selection of useful words and phrases, and offers lots of examples of each word in different contexts, explains how they are used and when. The ambition of this site is the most ambitious one I have seen. Then you should practice writing in the target language using each new words you know every week, to make them stick in memory. Always use your newly-learnt words as quickly as possible in a real context. A good site to do this at is Lang-8. There are lots of people there eager to correct your texts. Then you will have corrected texts of whatever you want to say. So write things each week that you want to say or just describe your life or a natural conversation. It will be corrected and then you can practice it. So there is my approach, now try find your own :)
February 26, 2017
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