위의/위에 and 입니다/습니다 difference+plural form Hello, I've been learning Korean for some months and lately I started learning from Rosetta Stone and somethings made me confused so much. I have a few questions: 1. R.Stone teaches "a child on/under/in a plane" as "비행이 위의/아래의/안의 아이", "의" pronounced as itself. However on the other sites like TTMIK, it's "위에/아래에/안에". Which is the right one? Plus,I translated 위의/아래의/안의 on Naver and the particle "의" pronounced "에". 2. I actually know the difference between 입니다 and 습니다 but I noticed that colour names like red,blue yellow takes 습니다 but pink takes 입니다? :I :I (자동차가 노랗습니다 / 자동차가 분홍색입니다) 3. I know the plural form is 들 and Rosetta stone teaches the same but there is an example made me confused. A picture of an eye is described as "한쪽 눈" and 2 eyes as "두 눈". They are translated as "eye" and "eyes" in English. Shouldn't it be "눈" and "눈들"? Thank you so much !!
Feb 27, 2017 12:33 AM
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1. The pronuncation of 의 after a noun is 의 itself. But, for easy speech, 의 is allowed to pronounce as "에" 비행기 위의 is pronounced as [비행기 위의] 비행기 위의 is allowed to pronounce as [비행기 위에] But, in othor case, 의사를 만났다. is pronounced as [의사를 만났다] 의사를 만났다. is not allowed to pronounce as [에사를 만났다] 2. It is due to the lack of adjective word. There is no adjective word for pink. Only exists a noun. 3. 들 is rarely used with nouns denoting inanimate objects. It is more often used with nouns denoting animate objects (people and animals), but then only when it is semantically necessary to make a distinction between singular and plural, or to emphasize plurality. Also, 두 means plural, 두 눈들 is unnatural.
February 27, 2017
1. ~의's meaning is close to "from". 비행기 위의 > from the top of the plane ~에's meaning is close to "on" 비행기 위에 > on the top of the plane 2. Color word + with 색 + 입니다. Color word + 습니다. 자동차가 노랗습니다. 자동차가 노란색 입니다. 3. There are only 1 pair of eye for human. But Koreans count as two. So, It's bit confusing for western culture, but 두 눈 is correct. For example, spider has eight eyes. So, we called it as 여덟 눈. Not 눈 들. ---- If you have any question, feel free to ask me :D
February 27, 2017
Thank you so much guys, now I got it all! :)
February 27, 2017
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