3 questions: 1. “We’ve found from our studies that males actually don’t vocalize as much—much, much less than females. So a lot of what we’re recording actually are females talking to their babies and talking to each other. And males are sort of hanging out there and being quiet.” What's the meaning of "hanging out"? 2. In 2013 researchers attached sensors to two Antarctic minke whales. The tags could track depth and location—and also record vocalizations. Over a combined total of 26 hours, 32 calls were captured—including some low-pitched pulses. Some of which matched recordings made nearby of the bio-duck sound. The minke whale is thus revealed to be the source of the decades-old unidentified bio-duckitude. What is "duckitude"? I can't find it in the dictionary 3. Researchers have discovered that teenager drivers who have a high sensitivity to stress actually have lower rates of car accidents than their mellow friends. What is "mellow friend"?
Feb 27, 2017 3:15 PM
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1. "Hanging out" : In the above-mentioned context, it means both males and females are in the room together. But the males are not engaged in the activity studied by the scientists; therefore, not doing anything "important" or "specific." When people "hang out," it means they spend time together but don't do anything specific or important. For example, "I hang out with my friend Deborah on Saturdays." I spend time with Deborah but I don't say what we do together. ----------- 2. I had to research "duckitude." It's not a common word at all and I think even most scientists wouldn't know it. I found: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bio-duck. "Bio-duck" is a mysterious quacking-like sound recorded deep in the ocean. Maybe the word was poorly translated. I would write: "The minke whale is thus revealed to be the source of the mysterious so-called bio-duck sounds first recorded by submarines decades ago." ----------- 3. "Mellow": More relaxed, calmer, less prone to excitement and anger. ----------- Hope this helps! "Bio-duck" was a really interesting one. A new word for me!
February 27, 2017
1) 'hang out' in this context means that they are present somewhere. Usually though this phrasal verb means to spend time with your friends. Example: I don’t really know who she hangs out with. 2) Here's a Wikipedia page that explains what BIO-DUCK means : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bio-duck In this context it looks like the authors created a new noun to show that this was a long-term process. 3) 'mellow' means chilled, relaxed, not stressed. Hope this helps ))
February 27, 2017
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