Can you explain what "throw in" means here ,thank you in advance : ) The context basically is that working at home has quite a few advantages, such as saving time, having healthier snacks to eat and having your dog hugging (1)at your feet . "(2)Throw in a little Facebook,Twitter, etc. We are on all the time!" Q(1): Should there be a preposition 'at' and why? Q(2): What does 'throw in' mean in that sentence? Thanks for your help!
Feb 27, 2017 3:30 PM
Answers · 2
Hi there Q1 - In your example, the writer is using the preposition 'at' as a preposition of activity. However, the phrase "hugging at your feet" is a little odd. A "hug" is not normally something you can receive from a dog because a dog does not have arms. You can hug it, but it cannot hug you. The most common phrase to describe having a dog nearby is just "having a dog at your feet". In this example 'at' is a preposition of place. Q.2 - "Throw in" in this context is a phrasal verb which is a synonym for 'add'. It is often used for the idea of adding something extra in a fairly casual way. Hope this helps :-) Chris
February 27, 2017
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