Peter Dechi
How to understand "max" in sentences of "...max 2 forums /week " and "...1 forum/week max" (no v.)? Original: Guidance Rules 1. Supervisors, shift leaders max 2 forums /week (BS + BC) 2. BS: forums if possible every 2 weeks (some exceptions apply) 3. BC: operators 1 forum/week max (in the context of lesson plannning for company) Those sentences lack verbs and have broken grammar(for me) , I cannot understand them, maybe they mean: 1. Supervisors, shift leaders cannot attend more than 2 kinds of forums (2 forums?) every week (BS forum and BC forum) 2. BS: launch a forum every 2 weeks if there are no some exceptions that are acceptable 3. BC: operators cannot attend more than 1 forum every week I don't think i understand them in the right way, they seem weird
Feb 27, 2017 6:42 PM
Answers · 2
You are correct; the English is broken. This happens when the person writing assumes everyone who reads these lists are native speakers. Not a good thing! 1. You are correct. They are allowed to attend (or give - this is not clear) a maximum of two forums a week. 2. Whoever wrote this hopes that the BS supervisors will attend (or give - again , this is not clear) a minimum of one forum every two weeks. 3. Again, you are correct. Whoever wrote the above list needs to clarify his intentions! Well done. :-)
February 27, 2017
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