Why arе you always crіtіcіzіng all І do... Why arе you always crіtіcіzіng all І do? & Why do you always crіtіcіze everything І do? What is the difference?
Feb 28, 2017 7:58 AM
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Hi Danyel Continuous with 'always' is generally used to imply that the repeated action is regarded as more than necessary (perhaps even 'unreasonable') whereas the present simple has no such connotation, merely expressing a habit or repeated action. However, in this example, there is no noticeable difference, because you have (1) chosen a word - criticize - which is often regarded as negative and unreasonable, and (2) you have emphasised this with 'everything' and 'all'. If, however, you take something like 'Why are you always reading?' or 'Why are you always watching TV?', these could be rhetorical questions, implying that you are reading and watching TV too much, and should be doing something else. By contrast, 'Why do you always read or watch TV? could be a genuine question, perhaps followed by: 'Are they good ways to learn English?' Hope that helps.
February 28, 2017
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