What is the difference between (Even, till and until)? I need to know exactly in which situation i should to use each one of them.
Mar 30, 2017 10:02 AM
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Until- Conjunction. Use it to show something has changed at the end of an amount of time. Examples: Everyone was having fun until the boss came. We will stand here until it stops raining. The party lasts from 9 until everyone leaves. We were in the meeting from 9 until 10. Till- May always be used the same as "until". Therefore, you can use it in the examples above. Till usually means exactly the same as until. Use the one you want. HOWEVER, till has a special use. Naming the time (it is 5 till 8 [7:55] right now). Until is never used in this way. Even as an adjective- 1)Equal. The skill of the two fighters is even. The man wanted revenge to get even with the other man, who killed his father. 2)Numbers devisable by 2. 4 is an even number. 50 is an even number. 24 is an even number. 51 is not an even number. Even in a conjunctional phrase-1)Even though. Use this phrase when something is acceptable, but not perfect. Examples: I will go to work even though I'm sick. This pizza is good even though it has pineapples. 2)Even if. May be used instead of "even though" when talking about something that hasn't happened, like the future. Examples: I will always go to work, even if I'm sick. I eat all types of pizza, even if it has pineapples. I will always love you, even if you change. You may also use the word "even" when something or someone is included, and you are surprised it is included. Examples: I brought everything with me for the trip, even my X-Box! Anyone can understand this, even a cave man.
March 30, 2017
Even, till, until I went swimming even though the water was cold. I was still hungry even after I had eaten lunch. I was so tired I didn't even get up to answer the phone. We cannot check into our hotel until 2pm. The art exhibition will be on until the end of this month. We will not realise money has no value until there is no water left on earth. till is a casual short form of until. It is okay in spoken English, but you would not write it.
March 30, 2017
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