What is the difference? 아/어 있가 vs 던 스스로 하다 vs 혼자 살다 첫는에 반하다 vs 첫반 보다 마음이 쓰다 vs 걱정하다
Oct 24, 2017 7:54 AM
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Q1. please check again. or you can make a question with a example sentence.:) Q2. #스스로 하다 = do by yourself, do on your own, do something only with your power. ex) Clean your room by yourself. 너의 방 청소를 스스로 해라. #혼자 살다 = live alone ex) I am living here without my family(alone). = 난 여기 혼자 살아. Q3. #첫 눈에 반하다. = fall a love in a first sight. #첫 반 보다 ... please check again.. :) Q4. #마음을 쓰다 = have a sympathy and caring mind ex) My hair got turned white cause i've cared it too much so far. = 그동안 마음을 많이 써서 내 머리카락이 하얘졌다. #걱정하다 = worry ex) You must come back home early! Mom will worry about you. = 집에 일찍 들어가! 엄마가 널 걱정할거야. Thanks for reading~
October 24, 2017
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