Kitsune Yamada
Any tips on learning japanese Hello, I have been trying to learn Japanese for a while but i'm not going anywhere with it :/ If anyone has any tips on where or how to learn more please tell me, It would be a TON of help!
Oct 24, 2017 5:30 PM
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Try "Minna no Nihongo" series. Most people I know start from there. But of course you gotta learn the 2 basic alphabets first, Hiragana & Katakana...
October 24, 2017
Ok as you've said you used Rosetta stone I gather you're not too horrified by paying for such things but I'll list what free things i could find first: Free: Tae Kim's Guide (Website) Nihongonomori (youtube channel) Anki(a program that can be used to help you memorise anything) tofugu (a forum about resources) leng8 (a website that allows you to have your writing corrected by natives Helloworld (app that allows you to exchange with natives) Duolingo (warning this shuld be used as a supplement only) Paid: italki (you might know of it ;P ) Textfugu (website, awesome teach yourself type guide that emphasises both grammar and vocabulary e=where many sources fall short on the latter) wanikani (website, kanji memorisation tool) Genki 1 (amazing textbook series but it does fall a little short on the vocab front)
October 25, 2017
A *ton/tonne* of help
October 24, 2017
Jack Johnston, I used to use Rosetta stone. I also wen't to a Japanese class for many months, Neither helped.
October 24, 2017
Could perhaps say what sources you use so I can point you to others?
October 24, 2017
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