Thaisy SQ
Can someone help me correct this text in Japanese? もう半分、短編小説で、記事で、文芸評論で、クロニカで、端書きで、手紙で、鉄の大切(Ferro, 1931年)と石油(O Escândalo do Petróleo, 1936年) について本だった。 彼は子供の作品ために同じの人気がない「O Presidente Negro」という一つ小説だけを書いた。////最も有名な子供の作品の中には、Reinações de Narizinho(1931年)、Caçadas de Pedrinho(1933年)、O Picapau Amarelo(1939年)などがある。 The original text is below: The other half, consisting of tales, articles, criticisms, chronicles, prefaces, letters, books on the importance of iron (Ferro, 1931) and oil (O Escândalo do Petróleo, 1936). He wrote a single novel, O Presidente Negro, which did not reach the same popularity as his works for children, ///// which among the most famous stands Reinações de Narizinho (1931), Caçada de Pedrinho (1933) and O Picapau Amarelo (1939).
Oct 26, 2017 3:37 PM