How to say in Russian: "I'm a person who is sensitive to cold" Edit: Thank you for your responses! So to clarify, then, I could either say: "я мерлячка" meaning roughly "I'm always cold" ? or "я мерзлявая девушка" meaning roughly "I'm an often-cold girl" ? Is that right? Thank you! - original question - I specifically want to know the proper way to use мерзлявая or мерзлячка. 1) What is the difference in meaning/usage between the words? 2) How can I use them in a sentence? 3) Would it be correct to say "я мерзлявая" or "я мерзлячка" to mean "I'm a person who is sensitive to cold"? Thank you! (P.S. This question is for learning Russian -- I had to categorize this question as for learning English as that is the only option given by Italki's dropdown menu... not sure why!)
Oct 26, 2017 4:20 PM
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Both words are slang words. "мерзлявая" is an adjective and needs a noun: "мерзлявая девушка", which means, that a girl always feels cold and tries to put on warm cloths. As for "мерзлячка", it is a noun and doesn't need any special word: "Она мерлячка - ей все время холодно".
October 26, 2017
"Я мерзлячка" means that you're an often-cold girl. It doesn't mean that you're cold all the time though; it's more like you get cold a little more often than an ordinary person. "Я мерзлявая девушка" means absolutely the same, but actually, I've never heard this sentence in my life. "Я мерзлячка" is used much more often. Or you can just say "Я часто мерзну" or "Я постоянно мерзну". P.S. To open these categorizing options you should edit your profile. There is a section "Languages" where you can add languages you speak or learn. After adding Russian or other language you'll be able to change "For learning" section when asking questions :)
October 26, 2017
1) мерзлявая is an adjective, мерзлячка is a noun. 2) It depends on the part of speech you'd like to use. 3) Yes, in informal way.
October 26, 2017
These words mean "I'm very sensitive to cold". They mean the same thing. "Merzlyachka" is a noun, "merzlavy" is an adjective. You can use both words in one meaning.
October 26, 2017
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