Are infinitives in Farsi ever used to translate English phrases using adverbial participles? ایا این درست است؟ .بعد از تراشیدن ریشم صبحانه می خورم The translation, as I understand, might read: "After shaving my beard I eat breakfast." Despite the fact that, in this sentence, "تراشیدن" looks like an infinitive, does it function like an adverbial participle when translated to English? If so, could someone please provide more examples which might illustrate this pattern in greater detail? For example: "After walking to work, I made tea" or "Before going to bed, I read a book". ((دست شما درد نکند
Oct 27, 2017 2:29 AM
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Short answer: No Explanation: as you know تراشیدن due to having ـَ ن at the end, is an infinitive. So your translation, After shaving my beard, is correct. As much as I know adverbial participles describe or modify a noun, verb or adjective ( please correct me if I'm wrong) But here تراشیدن expresses an action, shaving. Despite this fact, those sentences will be: بعد از "رفتن" به سر کار، چای درست میکنم and قبل از "خوابیدن" کتاب میخوانم of course I prefer translating them in other way using قبل از اینکه or بعد از اینکه: قبل از اینکه بخوابم کتاب میخوانم and بعد از اینکه به سر کار میروم چای درست میکنم (just for more info :)) Hope that helped you :)
October 27, 2017
The Persian sentence you made is grammatically correct. But the verb "taraashidan" doesn't function as an adverbial participle in this sentence. In other cases when the verb indicates a movement, it is more common to conjugate the verb rather than using an infinitive, like the examples Raena has provided. Using advebial participle is common in the Engliah equivalents of such sentences. But I think the following sentence is a little bit different. Have a look: "I brush my teeth before going to bed." ... In Persian, we usually say: قبل از خوابیدن دندان هایم را مسواک میزنم (This example is what you're looking for, I suppose) It's not very common to say: قبل از اینکه به رختخواب بروم دندان هایم را مسواک میزنم We, however, may say: قبل از اینکه بخوابم دندان هایم را مسواک میزنم Hope I helped you not confused you! ;-)
October 27, 2017
an hour ago listened to a song - chi khube didanet, chi khube mundanet....
October 27, 2017
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