Help with question Hi, there Could you help me? 1) Do you use rather than doing or do? "He walked, rather than get/getting stuck in traffic"? "People should be concerned with(or ABOUT???) themselves, rather than meddle/meddling into other people's lives." 2) Why "picasso's" and not "picassos in his sentence: These are the Picasso's of con artistry? And do you say: "Are all these paintings picasso's?" or "Are all these paintings picassos?" or "are all these paintings Picasso?" Please, could you help me?
Oct 27, 2017 10:42 PM
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Hello. I am a native English speaker and a grammar nerd. 1) The word rather would not be a good fit in the first example sentence. We would use the term “to avoid”. A good revision of your example sentence would be, “He walked in order to avoid getting stuck in traffic”. More casually it could be stated, “We walked so he wouldn’t get stuck in traffic” In the second example sentence, the word rather works. It would be correct to say, “People should be concerned about themselves, rather than meddling in other people’s affairs. 2) It seems there should NOT be an apostrophe in Picasso. An apostrophe signifies possession, not plural. Such as, “Those memoirs are Picasso’s”. So it would be correct to say, “These paintings are all Picassos”
October 28, 2017
1. Although infinitive and gerund forms are both basically correct(although a quick web research seems to be pointing towards infinitive as being more popular), this particular sentence just sounds odd to me. It might be because of the use of "walked"; I'm not sure why it doesn't sound right, though, it might be just me. 2. It depends on what you have in mind - "to be concerned about sth" means "to be worried about sth", whereas "to be concerned with sth" means "to be involved with sth". I would probably add "more" before "concerned in this sentence. 3. Seems like it should definitely be "the Picassos". 4. I'd go with the first one.
October 28, 2017
Please, could you help me?
October 27, 2017
1- I would use: “He walker instead of getting stuck” or “He prefer walking rather than getting stuck” 2- “ people should get concentrate about themselves” 3- Picasso’s the “s” it’s a possessive pronoun.
October 27, 2017
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