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The meaning of a sentence I'm studying the ways to distinguish a noun from a verb in Arabic. I've come across a sentence that I can't get its meaning. Can you please help me figure it out? (يمكن الإسناد إليه أي الأخبار عنه (مثل:الكتاب مفيد
Oct 28, 2017 5:27 PM
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You can tell about nouns, you can add more details to the noun itself to make a complete and meaningful sentence. This is what it meant by" الإسناد إليه". So when you say" The book is useful", you're giving a specific quality to that book which is " useful" ( The predicate of the sentence). In Arabic, in nominative sentences,the " subject" is "مسند إليه" while the " predicate" is " مسند". You can tell more about nouns by using verbs in verbal sentences.For example, " سافر خالد", you complete the sentence and add a meaning to it by using the verb here( the action) which gives you more information about the noun "خالد" so we know that Khaled travelled and the sentence is complete.Therefore, in verbal sentences the "subject" ( الفاعل) is the "المسند إليه" and the " verb" (الفعل) is the " مسند". To sum up, if you look at nouns , you can say: The movie is boring.الفيلم ممل The dog barked.نبح الكلب However, you cannot tell about verbs, because they represent actions themselves.
October 28, 2017
Can be attributed any news from him (such as: the book is useful).
October 28, 2017
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