Help with question Hi, there Could you help me? 1) In a movie, a few people are trying to get a senator to drop a bill about palm oil duties, withdraw it. "Time we sold Jacob on that trip to Indonesia. When Henry falls, we've got critical mass. Get a non-profit to sponsor a vacation. They give him face, he will pull it What does"when Henry falls" mean? What about "they give him face, he will pull it" 2) What does "there are two seats up" mean in "After the Nov. 7 election, a new City Council could vote to remove Rosario from office anyway. “Right now, there are two contested seats up,” said Wilson’s attorney," Thank you!! Please, could you help me?
Oct 29, 2017 12:18 AM
Answers · 2
1: I'm not sure without more conversation context. This is probably figurative, like a firing from a company, a falling from favor, or being kicked out of a group. I'm not sure about the other part. 2: The implied end of the sentence is, "there are two seats up (for reelection)." Stated more directly, there are two elected positions (seats) that will be voted for on November 7th.
October 29, 2017
October 29, 2017
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