Saber o conocer ?! I asked that question many times , but I still confused about using whether saber or conocer .. I don't think I am going to understand it by explanation, Maybe I could understand the difference by examples using saber and conocer. It would be great if someone helped me, and thanks in advance.
Oct 31, 2017 2:00 AM
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Hola Habasi, Puedes "conocer" gente, ciudades, películas, libros ---> objetos, cosas físicas, puedes ver, tocar y describir lo que conoces. Puedes "saber" cosas que estudias o aprendes, cosas abstractas o teóricas: conocimiento, idiomas, información, matemáticas, etc. Saludos! PD: Aquí puedes encontrar una explicación más amplia https://www.inmsol.com/es/gramatica-espanola/diferencia-entre-saber-y-conocer/
October 31, 2017
Hi Habashi. I'm not an expert but I'll tell you "saber" is used more for science, school, study, knowledge well the "knowledge of science" When you learn math, you know math./Cuando aprendes matemáticas, tu sabes matemáticas. when you study Spanish, now you know Spanish. Cuando estudias Español, ahora tu sabes Español. Well "conocer" is used more for what you discover, for something that there is no school, something of the day to day. When they ask you for someone, do you know her?/¿La conoces? Yes I know/ Sí la conozco. A blind date with a girl they both introduce, now you are known./ ustedes ahora se conocen. when you try a new food or drink that you never tried now you know this flavor. Well, in other situations it is more complicated because these words are synonymous. Example: Do you know where Habashi lives? / sabes donde vive Habashi? Yes I know or I know his address / si sé donde vive/ Sí conozco o sé su dirección I hope you understand.
October 31, 2017
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