Turn over/turn upside down - What is the difference? Do the following sentences mean the same thing? Turn the jar upside down and shake it. = Turn the jar over and shake it. She turned the vase over to look for the price. = She turned the vase upside down to look for the price. Turn the mould upside down and give it a gentle tap. = Turn the mould over and give it a gentle tap. And check the following sentences, please: Turn over a page. He turned over two or three pages. The book is upside-down - turn it the other way! A monkey is hanging upside down on a tree branch. Thank you for your help!
Nov 1, 2017 6:44 AM
Answers · 1
In your examples, I think "turn over" and "turn upside-down" are the same, but if the object is already upside-down and you turn it over, you are turning it right-side up. In the case of pages, you just turn them. "Turn the page." "Turn to the next page." "Turn two or three pages." (I think?) Everything else you wrote looks correct to me.
November 1, 2017
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