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Coming up in any of these? Hi:) I'm watching a TV show called QI. I can't get what it means to say "in the round" and "any of these coming up ~" in the lines below. It's at 22:28. Thank you and have a good day! The other use, apart from flower arranging, 0:23:02 0:23:05 is the manufacture of contact lenses. 0:23:05 0:23:08 You'd really freak people out if you put them in your eyes! 0:23:08 0:23:12 -Yes. Not necessarily in the round... -Marty Feldman's contact lenses! 0:23:12 0:23:17 -Any of these coming up in any of this? -Not yet, no!
Nov 1, 2017 12:31 PM
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This is the way I interpret it: He is talking about the material of which the balls are made, not the balls themselves. And he doesn’t finish his sentence. He would have said something like “Not necessarily in the round (spherical) form/shape/version. I actually can’t make out what is said after “any on these coming up”. I’m not sure of this, but perhaps what he means is “Any of these shapes (the ones in the drawings he holds up) coming up?”=any of these shapes going to be available (made of the material in question) soon?
November 1, 2017
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