please give me a score and some advice on my TOEFL composition,thanks! I don't think keeping our old friends is more important than making new friends. As for why, I suppose there are several reasons to explain my thought. First of all, comparing to maintain the relationship with old firends, it is making new friends that can help us broaden our scope. There is no denying the fact that We all will grow up and contact all kinds of different people. In this case, we can learn much that we are not familiar with but maybe others get used to. Take me for example, when I was studying in my hometown, a small and out-of-date town, I didn't know the beauty of outside and how colorful lifestyle the city children have. But now I study in a big city and make a lot of new friends, then I surprisingly find that there still are a lot of interesting things waiting for me to exploit. This is what our old friends can't provide. Secondly, making new friends is really a good way to help us be gregarious and confident. Staying with old friends all the time will be a tedious activity, because the common interests among us are monotonous. However, new friends will bring us a refresh view of the world and share us a totally different hobbies. Last but not least, on the way we becoming mature, we will be preoccupied with countless problems. Meanwhile, by some quirk of fate, we will know all walks of life in our school life or work circumference. These people are the ones who can help us solve all kinds of problems. For example, the first time we go to school, it is our classmates that enable us be sociable. when it comes to do the research in university, it is our teachers that give us suggestions and supports. Along the whole of our life, we are always contacting and knowing new people, and some of them become our new friends even families. In summary, keeping old friends can not open our eyes but new friends do. And making new friends still have a lot of benefits for us, so I believe that making new friends is more important.The topic whether keeping old friends is more important than making new friends?
Nov 2, 2017 6:21 AM