Is' How do the prices range?' correct, if I want to ask about the prices range when buying an item I am preparing for the oral exam. My task is to ask 5 questions about buying a tablet PC using the given prompts: 1) difference between a panel and a tablet PC 2) price range 3) most successful models 4) the manufacturers 5) discount offers
Nov 2, 2017 6:35 PM
Answers · 5
You can't say "How do the prices range?" - "What do the prices range from (and to)?" would be more grammatically correct but what I would actually say is "What is the price range?"
November 2, 2017
What would be helpful in your opinion, Den?
November 6, 2017
"What's the price range?" Sounds better
November 2, 2017
I'm not sure what is meant by a "panel" or "successful". A computer may be 'popular' because it sells well, but that doesn't mean it is suitable for the needs of everyone. Asking "What is the price range?" may not be helpful, people who ask about cost usually have limited funds while those who can afford any, usually ask about something else.
November 2, 2017
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