Aloha Jane Diaz
I self study. But I think I need a good tutor in Spanish Language who can help me in my free time. Im passionate about this, thats why aside from self studying Im planning to get a tutor in Spanish. I just pray my tutor will be very effective to my specific needs and not boring. i want to converse well in Spanish.Im concerned with the time difference coz I dont want my tutor to rush me or i dont want him/her to be sleepy while I am wide awake asking questions. lol! I hope I can get one. I will take a risk trusting. I hope i can find a friendly, but passionate person like me. I dont like flirting,Im not comfortable with it. What do you guys think?
Nov 2, 2017 11:49 PM
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Aloha, sometimes it is difficult to find the right tutor, but you can do trials with two or three different ones and choose the best person for your needs.
November 3, 2017
Hello Aloha, I am following your posts for a while, and I figure out that you have a great motivation and potential for learning Spanish. As I recently started working for Italki, I have a promotional fee on the General Spanish Course. I kindly invite you to visit my profile and book a trial lesson if you think we can work together: Cheers!
November 3, 2017
thanks Pao! Sure. Its great that you're in Japan._Theres only 1 hour difference. will you be staying there?
November 3, 2017
Hello Jane, I was reading some articles and found your question. I am a native Spanish teacher from Mexico, and I can explain in English. Something about me: I am a twenty-something year old woman, married, a little bit crazy... I love teaching and helping my students improve. I tailor the lessons to my student's level, and I make all the class material by myself (I sometimes use extra exercises form websites). This is my profile: Right now I live in Japan, I don't know at what time do you prefer to study, but if my schedule fits yours we can meet on a trial lesson and see if my style is what you are looking for :) Have a great day! :) Pao
November 3, 2017
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