what does 거울이 존재하는 한 나의 춤을 못 막는다 mean? I know what each word means but the phrase formation is throwing me off and I can’t translate it
Nov 3, 2017 12:48 PM
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거울이 존재하는 한 나의 춤을 못 막는다 As long as the mirror exists, No one can stop my dance. 거울이 존재하(다) + 는 한 + 나의 춤을 못 막는다 V-는 한 is an expression used to show that what comes in the preceding clause acts as a condition for what comes in the following clause. It can be understood in English as “as long as”. e.g. 내가 살이 있는 한 이 결혼은 절대 못해! As long as I’m alive, this marriage will never happen! 학생이 한 명이라도 있는 한 수업해요. As long as there is even one student, there will be class.
November 3, 2017
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