How to use connecting word "아/어/여" in Korean? I have an example: "수미 씨, 요즘도 아침 식사를 배달해 먹어요?" i think phrase "배달해 먹어요" use connecting word "아/어/여", and this is common connecting word in Korea like "-아/어/여 주세요", "아/어/여 보다", but i don't know how to arrange the order of the two verbs (which verb precedes and which verb comes after). Ex: I don't know how to write "배달해 먹어요?" or "먹어 배달해요?". Can you help me to explain it? Thank!
Nov 3, 2017 1:39 PM
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You can generally go by which action comes first. In 배달해 먹다, the delivery must happen first before you can eat anything, so 배달해 before 먹다. Special helper verbs, such as 주다, 보다, 버리다, 받다, 두다, and many more. always come at the end. For example: - 몸이 아파 결근했어요 = I took a day off because I was sick. (becoming sick happens first causing you to call in sick) - 소식을 전해 들었다 = I heard the second-hand. (전하다="pass on" happens before 듣다=the recipient hearing it) - 연필을 서랍에 넣어 두었다 = I put the pencil in the drawer. (넣다=put in something, 두다=leave indefinitely)
November 3, 2017
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