Interprete italiano-inglese/cinese Hello.I'm now doing some homework of translating paragraph of italian into english or chinese.I just meet some problem.If you can translate the following sentenses into english or chinese ,it will be a nice reference for me.Thank you so much. It's about a comment on a poem of Ungaretti. <L'io poetante si riconosce Immagine speculare del cadavere, accanto al quale si trova scaraventato per un'intera nottata. La luna funziona come una sorta di occhio di bue che concentra la sua luce su una ribalta muta, in cui morte e vita appaiono indistinguibili, accomunate dalla medesima immobilità.> I just show a little of my homework,if you would like to help me more ,you can send me a message.
Nov 3, 2017 2:53 PM
Answers · 1
«The poetic self recognizes itself as a specular image of the corpse, beside which it is thrown for a whole night. The Moon functions as a sort of spotlight (ox's eye) that concentrates its brightness on a silent proscenium, in which death and life seem indistinguishable, shared by the same immobility».
November 4, 2017
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