Can anybody help me with my essay for master degree application(US)? part1 Below is my essay which I mean to use for application for my master degree in US.If you are native English speaker,please help me check it and give your opinions.Thax a lot! __________________________________ Systematic study of Accounting at Boston College is a logical step for me, which enables me to add professionalism to my short-term auditor position in a worldwide famous firm. In the long-term, using my passion for entrepreneurship,my professional experiences, and my networks, I hope to launch my own investment research firm, contributing to fraud detection and supervision of Chinese enterprises.My initial passion for this came from reading research reports, published by Muddy Water, on dishonest behaviors of China Huishan Dairy Holdings. I was fascinated and shocked by their bravery and professionalism because there were so few research firms in China ever pointing out misconduct behaviors of listed companies before. Instead, financial institutions and public media tended to push up stock prices and benefit from it with propagandas. As far as I am concerned, a market should never be regarded as a healthy one without objections and oppositions. I believe that the true value of a financial elite lies in detecting and supervising the market. Bearing this belief in mind, I devoted myself to acquiring knowledge of financial accounting and conducting researches on companies in my spare time. In junior year, I took a course named Analysis of Financial Cases in which professor assigned us to conduct research on the rapid development of ZhongTong Bus & Holding Co., Ltd. As team leader, I guided my team members to analyzing data from Internet, news and publications and made graphs out of them. As a result, we drew the conclusion that ZhongTong Bus & Holding cheated in financial statements and their profits should be regarded as inflating. Dramatically, after six months, ZhongTong Bus & Holding was reported to be under investigation for their dishonest behaviors. I became more and more firm to follow this path and have faith in making this market a better one.
Nov 4, 2017 2:20 AM
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