Can anybody help me with my essay for master degree application(US)? part2 Below is my essay which I mean to use for application for my master degree in US.If you are native English speaker,please help me check it and give your opinions.Thax a lot! _________________________________________Moreover, I recognize that utilizing of programming is closely related to financial accounting in this data-drive era. I once utilized Java and Python to do web scraping and make data cleaning when I researched on the positive correlation of stock prices and research ratings with 270,000 research reports. In former internships in PWC and BDO, I won compliment from co-workers and supervisors for dealing with a huge number of data from financial statements in a short period of time with the help of VBA. I came to realize that the future development of services regarding assurance requires a combination of human brains and information technology. After graduation, I accepted offer of being an auditor from Earnest & Young. I hope that I could be a professional to assist investors tell good business from bad ones, to make social resources flow to good companies and achieve optimal allocation of resources. I realize that I still need to equip myself with more advanced accounting skills to become a true expert. The academic rigor, integrated curriculum, and distinguished faculty at Boston College will provide me with the perfect foundation in accounting and auditing. In particular, the comprehensive and industry-endorsed curriculum such as Assurance and Consulting Services and Financial Statement Analysis will afford me with a well-rounded and crucial analytical background to embrace the complicated real business challenges. I am equally confident that my drive, dedication, and hard work will allow me to succeed at Carroll and career path in the future.
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