Would you check my script for English speech?ㅠㅠ -2 One of my favorite scenes in the film is the last scene that when Eva visit Kevin to detention centre. Eva asks him about ‘why’ for the first time. Then Kevin answers “I have used to think I know why. But now I don’t know.” After that they hug each other sincerely. I was so curious about the reason why Eva never ask Kevin ‘why’. Watching the last scene, I thought asking him why is too late and If Eva asked him “why” earlier, he might have not turned out like this. Initially tiny struggles for confirming mom’s love gets bigger and bigger without mom’s sufficient affection. Also I think this film shows the violence of the social stress for mothers. As one of potential mother, this film remains on my mind so deeply and even though I already watched it over and over, I’m willing to watch it again and again. And I’d like to recommend you this for your future babies and you or your wife.
Nov 6, 2017 5:41 PM
Answers · 4
*your future children*
November 6, 2017
*never asked kevin why*
November 6, 2017
*i used to think i knew why*
November 6, 2017
*is the last scene where eva visits kevin at the detention center*
November 6, 2017
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