Help(please) Hi, everyone Please, could you help me with three questions? Please 1)On aTV show, I heard a woman say to herfamily: This is not just my second act. It is all of ours.... And then: we were waiting for you to get back because this is all our decision." .. Why does it sound fine to say "all of ours" and "all our decision" in these examples, but it is wrong to say things like "That's all of our idea" and "This car is all of ours"? 2) In a movie, I heard this: A: I bet she escaped from Pennhurst B: from where? A: You know, the nuthouse. She is an escapee is the point." Why not "But her being an escapee is the point" .. Why can you use "She is an escapee is the point" but you can not say somehting like ""The money is not the point. SHE IS rude is the point"?.. I was told you should say "Her being rude is the point."... Then why not "Her being an escapee is the point"? Please, I really need your help
Nov 7, 2017 1:44 PM
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It's all about the context... in these TV shows people generally use a colloquial variation of the language, very spontaneous and filled with these little mistakes that are accepted in daily communication but are actually wrong according to the language rules. When we learn the language, we learn the "right", formal way to speak, not the natural, native spoken language that usually has lots of mistakes. :)
November 7, 2017
.. is the 3rd question hidden in there somewhere?
November 7, 2017
Hey there! Off the top of my head... 1) " It is all of ours" <-- "ours" acts as the possessive pronoun. "this is all our decision." <-- "our" acts as the adjective. Different structure, different parts of speech, and both are acceptable. I'm not a fan of what she's said though. I might have simply said "it's ours"/"it's our decision... All of us".... 2) "Her being an escapee is the point" <-- I'd personally use this. "She is an escapee is the point." <--- in a word: colloquialism. This will be accepted in informal speech, but I definitely wouldn't suggest writing it in any formal text! To be painfully honest, a lot of things that you hear on TV are not "proper" standard English. Watching TV helps you get the speech patterns of native speakers, but it definitely doesn't help you learn grammar for exams.
November 7, 2017
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