Rise / Raise Cuál sería la diferencia entre estas dos palabras? Entiendo que el verbo "to rise" significa subir/aumentar/levantarse y también nacer (por ejemplo un río). Sin embargo el verbo "to raise" significa subir/criar/educar/levantar y también recaudar. Por tanto, me da que pensar que en el caso del verbo "to rise" puede tener que ver más bien con incrementar algo, mientras que el verbo "to raise" puede tener que ver con hacer crecer algo (aparte de los significados que he apartado como "nacer" y "recaudar"). Por ejemplo, si quisiera decir: "Carlos levantó su negocio", podría decir: "Carlos raised his business"? Gracias.
Nov 9, 2017 9:32 PM
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Hey Ramon, As far as could understand from your question (and its translation on google hahahah), you want to know when to use raise, and when "rise" which you said is incrementar ... and away from the meaning of to grow up ( ex: he was raised in Sao Paulo = he grew up there) Rise: What I understand in general from To rise is when something goes up or goes more in a way, but on its own rather than by something else ex. the sun rises at 6am in our city, the prices are rising hysterically, the car hit the fence and rose about 1meter then hit the ground Raise: While the verb To raise is used when somebody/something does the increase, addition or elevation of something else. Ex: They raised their hands when I asked the question, we raised the prices 20%, he was raised (grown up by someone) in a poor town, I can raise the ball up in the sky with one strong kick Hope this clears out
November 9, 2017
Dejeme preguntar algo sobre la frase : "Carlos levanto' su negocio" ... significa que Carlos comenzo' una empresa o compan~ia? Entonces no usamos "to rise" ni "to raise" sino "to start". Si la frase significa que Carlos tiene exito con su empresa/negocios, etc. Normalmente usamos "to grow." Carlos GREW his business (en este case ingles trata el negocio como un arbol o una planta). Si quiere o debe usar los verbos rise/raise en esta situacion, suena mejor a hablar no tan directamente ... "Carlos' business rose in the last quarter." o "Carlos' business is rising in value." Espero que esto le ayuda.
November 9, 2017
I understood your Spanish but it is easier for me to write in English. You will fry your brain if you try to learn every usage of "raise" and "rise" at the same time! Learn each usage in context as you see them and build up patterns as you notice them. At least, we can be sure that the form of each verb is consistent. If A raises B, then B rises. e.g. My boss raised my salary and so my salary rose. We say "start", "start up" or "build" a business. To say "levantar un negocio" is actually a figurative usage of the physical "levantar"; the literal translation of figurative uses of words and idioms sometimes works but sometimes doesn't.
November 9, 2017
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