"On" vs "nous" in an informal email? For my French exam, I had to write an email to a French exchange student who is coming to stay with me and my family, and I had to describe the activities we will do. Was I correct in using "on", e.g. "on te montrera les plages" instead of "nous te montrerons les plages"? I've heard "nous" is correct but rather formal and is not commonly used in informal situations, expect for emphasis and such. However, since this was a written email, not spoken French, is "on" still acceptable in an informal context, especially for an exam?
Nov 10, 2017 6:57 AM
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It is acceptable to write "on" instead of "nous" since it is still understandable. However, if the e-mail you wrote was a formal e-mail, because it was for an exam, your marker may not give you a full mark for that since the context doesn't really allow "on", which is informal. I would say that "nous" is preferable when it comes to formal e-mails, and "on" is preferably used when talking in a more casual way. Both are OK; depending on the context, one is just more suitable than the other. Don't worry to much about it! Hope that helps.
November 10, 2017
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