Sampy Kishan
Why do I feel so concuious speaking to native speakers of the English language? When I speak to native speakers of the English language, I go completely blank. I think it's because of my accent. How do I overcome this fear of speaking? Unfortunately in the field that I work in, both home as well as outside, English is used widely and I don't want to be handicapped.
Nov 10, 2017 7:15 AM
Answers · 1
Once I have been stuck in the same situation as yours. I could speak out in English classes in my English training center, also in online English lessons. But once back me workplace, I could not speak out a word to my foreign colleagues. Until one day I stayed with a director who was from Texas, United States. in the elevator. Only two of us were in the elevator. Must see something, I thought. Then we talked about the lunch, and something else. I knew exactly what he said, but I didn't know how to response. No time for prepare. I just spoke out some uncompleted sentences. But it was okay, I thought he didn't notice the struggle in my mind. So from then on, I didn't fear to speak to native speakers. The worst situation is he or she cannot understand me. So I think I have overcame the fear to speak native speakers.
November 10, 2017
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