Which number Some one's in a line and I want to ask which number are you? How can I ask? What about a race?Some one's second in a race and I want to ask: Which place are you?
Nov 11, 2017 11:36 AM
Answers · 3
These are situations where you can use ordinal numbers, as opposed to cardinal numbers. If you look up "ordinal/cardinal" you can get more information. In a line, you can ask someone "Are you first/second/third/fourth in line?". In the race situation, you can ask someone "Did you come first/second/third/fourth in the race?" However, in real-life situations, you might hear things phrased differently. When we are queuing and want to find out information about people in line, the most common question we hear is something like "Excuse me, are you next in line or I am?" ...In the race situation, the question might be "How did you do in the race?" Or "Did you win the race?"
November 11, 2017
Thanks Dave
November 11, 2017
@Meisam You could ask: QUEUE "What number are you, in the queue?" "Where are you in the queue, what number are you?" "What number, are you?" (especially if it is a place where you take a ticket number to queue). "What's your place in the queue?" RACE "Where did you finish?" "What was your finishing place?" "What place did you finish?" "Where did you come, in the race?" Hope that helps Regards Dave
November 11, 2017
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