The difference between "rest" and "other" in sentence Which one is more correct: "Rest of the transformers" or" other transformers" For example when you report about a hundred transformer and you want to exclude someone out of the others which one is better to use.
Nov 12, 2017 8:16 AM
Answers · 3
The rest of the transformers . . . (You need the article 'The' otherwise it would be incorrect) The other transformers . . . Other transformers (this would work as well) . . . One of the transformers . . . Some of the transformers . . . Many other transformers . . . A few transformers . . .
November 12, 2017
Not as much "rest" and "other" help you to exclude someone as the context. You can say: " transformer/several transformers did something and/but the rest of the transformers didn't..." or " transformer/several transformers did something and/but the others/ the other transformers didn't...". Both words you have to use with "the" anyway, "the rest" - it's always like that and "the other" means you separate that one or the group.
November 12, 2017
In this situation, 'rest of the transformers' is a better option because it deals with a definite number of things (a hundred transformers here). 'Other transformers' is a more general expression.
November 12, 2017
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