Is my summary coherent and clear to a native speaker? especially "cast doubt" and "argument" usage There are a reading and a listening discussing opposing view. Reading: Did bees (a type of insect) exist on Earth as early as 200 million years ago? Such a theory is supported by the discovery of very old fossil structures that resemble bee nests. However, many skeptics doubt that the structures were created by bees. The skeptics support their view with several arguments. No Fossils of Actual Bees Third, while the fossilized structures found in Arizona are somewhat similar to nest chambers made by modern bees, they lack some of the finer details of bees’ nests. For example, chambers of modern bee nests are closed by caps that have a spiral pattern, but the fossilized chambers lack such caps. My summary: Finally, she says that although the fossils lack some structure, scientists have found some chemical composition produced by bees in them. [especially this part ->] This directly contradicts the passage argument which cast doubt base on lack of spiral pattern.
Nov 12, 2017 10:22 AM
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OK, I understand that we should only look at the last paragraph. It will help us a lot more if you can post links to the original task. I've found a version of your task here: https://www.testbig.com/integrated-toefl-writing-essays/did-bees-type-insect-exist-earth-early-200-million-years-ago-such-2 In your summary, I don't understand who "she" is. The rest of the sentence is OK (but a bit unclear). In the last part, you need a possessive form in the sentence, and you need to revise the word-formations of this part: "which cast doubt base on". I'll let you make those revisions, as you are clearly capable of doing so. :)
November 12, 2017
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