And would you mind burning the Angostura? 中文怎么翻译? it's a sentence in a movie conversation, following talking about having a pink jin. Could you explain what does it mean and how to translate this into Chinese? Thanks!
Nov 13, 2017 7:44 AM
Answers · 4
Just a guess based on the context of your sentence (haven't seen the movie you're refering to). It sounds like the dialogue takes place in a bar. Someone is preparing a drink called a Pink Gin. An alcoholic ingredient called Angostura bitters is used in many cocktails as a supplement, to add extra flavour to the drink. Some alcoholic beverages are ignited with a flame (Brandy, sambuca etc) for entertainment and/or to further improve the flavour of the drink. A long story short, the person is saying don't add the Angostura bitters directly to the drink. Please ignite (set fire to) it first. "Would you mind burning the Angostura?" / "Please light/burn/ignite the Angostura bitters for me." It's just a request, based on a personal preference - like when James Bond says "shaken, not stirred." Hope that helps. Sorry, I cannot write in Mandrin :(
November 13, 2017
Sounds like the sfera test - correct
April 24, 2021
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