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الاسم المثني و الاسم الجمع Hi, Can you please clarify something for me? I know that we can use ألف و نون or ياء و نون to refer to two people or things. We also use واو و نون or یاء و نون to talk about more than two people or things. - الاسم المثنی) ولدان، ولدين ) - (مهندسون، مهندسين ( جمع مذكر سالم Something that is confusing for me is that ياء و نون is used both in الاسم المثنی and جمع مذكر سالم like ولدين and مهندسين in the above examples! How can I say if a noun with ياء و نون is refering to المثنی or الجمع?
Nov 13, 2017 7:12 PM
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The way you pronounce both words is different; For example, in the sentence " I saw the engineers/ I saw the two engineers".....شاهدت المهندسين The word" المهندسين" would be pronounced: المُهندِسِينَ (في الجمع) و المُهندسَيْنِ (في المثنى). plural: Al-mo-han-di-seen(a) dual: Al-mo-han-di- sayn(sa-in)(i)
November 13, 2017
Depends on the sentence the word is in. I'll give an example first "رأيت المهندسين يقومون بعملهم" which means I saw the engineers doing their job. second "رأيت المهندسين يقومان بعملهما" I saw the two engineers doing their job. this means that we define it being plural or dual depending on the sentence itself because other than that you can't differentiate between the two words. Best of luck :))
November 13, 2017
يالنسبة الى مهندسين تفرق بين الجمع والمثنى بناءً على نطقها يالجملة لكنها تكتب ماشابهه
November 13, 2017
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