Imani Abdul-Jabbar
What does 'gnugni' mean? I was watching a video and a guy was talking about a Youtuber and his content. He said "non fai contenuti, sono video gnugni, gnugni'. There doesn't to be a direct translation so I'm not sure what it means. If you know, let me know.
Nov 14, 2017 7:49 PM
Answers · 2
At first it looks tuscanian to me I'd relate it to "Gne-gne" which refers to an immature lady (a baby crying) In the web I found "Gnugna" adjective, indicating a nice but stupid girl, which then it's probably the same as above "Gnugna" name then also indicates a female's sex. Compare it to "Gnocca" = (emilian adriatic dialect): very nice girl / female's sex and also "Gnucco" (north Italy) = hard thing / stupid, obtuse person ---------------- We can therefore define that word with the generic meaning as "inane", empty.
November 16, 2017
You are right "gnugni, gnugni" is not italian at all, it is an espression that maybe young people use. For me means that these videos don't have meaning , they are useless . and without a meaning or purpose. They don't send any message . I hope this can help somehow. Vincenza
November 14, 2017
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