嗰個睇起身好似正呀!— Do people use this expression? 嗰個睇起身好似正呀! I understand now, thank you, that 正呀! means really great! To say that: That looks great! One could say 嗰個好似正呀!(?) Could it also be said with 睇起身好似 ? 嗰個睇起身好似正呀! ~Thanks—唔該嗮你!
Nov 14, 2017 9:43 PM
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"That looks great!" can be expressed as follows in roughly ascending order of appreciation: 1. 幾好睇吖! 2. 睇落幾好喎! 3. 睇嚟幾正喎! 4. 幾靚喎! 5. 睇嚟好正喎! 6. 好靚喎! 7. 好靚呀! "正" often refers to something more than appearance. In fact, expressions 3 and 5 are very commonly used to describe dishes that look tasty. We never say "睇起身". Here are some more examples of the usage of "好正": 你間屋好正喎! Your place is so nice! 套戲好正! That movie is excellent! 呢個idea好正! This idea is great! 個show好正! The show was fabulous! 你嘅廣東話發音好正. Your Cantonese pronunciation is perfect. 條女好正! That chick is cool(or hot)! (Be careful, "條女" is a rude word. When "好正" is used to describe a person, more often than not there is a hint of sexuality.)
November 15, 2017
"睇起身" does not exist in Cantonese. "That looks great! " can be translated as below. 1. 嗰個 睇嚟 好似好正![ 嚟=lai, pronounced with the 4th tone ] ( not quite sure ) 2. 嗰個 睇嚟 好正!( not 100% sure but quite sure ) 嗰個 -》 That 睇嚟好似 -》 looks 好正 -》 great more precisely, 睇嚟 - it looks 好似 - it should be It's very common to bind them together "睇嚟好似", meaning that you are not quite sure, but it looks great. However, It is not appropriate to use "正呀" because the wording is too strong. It implies you are 100% sure that is perfect, not just "looks great". 嗰個正呀! ( when someone get excited on something :) ) We usually do not use "正" to address people in the second person form ( "you" form) as it is too strong in feeling, especially with people you are not familiar with. More often, we use the soft word "好“ or other precise wording instead. It is OK to use it to address the third person( person A & B talking about C, but it is informal situation ) It is a culture different In English, we can say, "Good morning, you looks great!" In Cantonese, we simply say "早晨!( good morning )” If you really want to translate "you looks great!", here are the replacement word. 1. 好精神 (full of energy, for elder people ) 2. 好靚 ( pretty, for girls ) 3. 好型 ( handsome, for boys ) 4. ....many other words for different situations
November 15, 2017
November 14, 2017
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