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The usage of 是.......的. Ok, so recently I've been wondering about sentences that end with the word '的'. I've looked at a few grammar books, and they basically say that this structure is used to focus on a detail of an event, with ‘的’ usually being used for past events and being omitted for events in the present. An example of this sentence structure I have seen is: - "你的车是什么颜色的?” - ”是红色的“ So, I was wondering, why is do these sentences end with ’的‘?
Nov 14, 2017 11:43 PM
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Just because these words (such as 红色的,我的)are adjective. Lots of nouns can be turned into adjective if you attached a "的". In fact, "我的车是红色的" is an abbreviation of "我的车是红色的(车)".
November 15, 2017
to make it a complete adjective you can say 我的 车 红 or 我的 车 是 红色的
November 15, 2017
You can see a “是” before the “的”. “是……的”is a fixed collocation,it's equal to be+adj. in English.
November 15, 2017
我的车是红色的=my car is red 的 expressing some relationships which include 1. belonging = 's 2. modified and decorated and trim(修饰,beautiful girl is decorated or trimed by beautiful ) 我的车很红(✅,my car is very red but here isn't 是 in chinese. 是is approximately equal to be but completely equal ) 我的车很红色(❌ 红色 = noun. You can say that the man is very America. But so weird )
November 15, 2017
Because you can just say -你的什么颜色? -红色
November 18, 2017
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