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Teaching English language part 1. Обучение Английского языка часть 1 Beginner A1-Lesson 1: Hello! How to greet other people and introduce yourself Nice to meet you! Dictionary 1)Hello 2)Hi Hint! "Hi" is a more conversational version of "hello" . However, these two options are widely used in speech at any time of the day. 1)Hello Sarah 2)Hi Michael! 3)I'm ... Hint! "I'm" means the same thing as "My name is ...". This is a short form. With a shortening of two short words, one is formed. In such cases, an apostrophe (') is often used. Short forms are often used in English, especially in colloquial speech. "I'm" is a short form of "I am" (I am). 1) I am Michael. = I'm Michael. 4)Nice to meet you. 5)How's it going? Hint! And did you notice? "How's" is another short form. This is a short form of the expression "How is". 1) How is it going? = How's it going? 6)Fine, thanks. 7)See you later.
Nov 15, 2017 12:53 PM
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hy i am here
November 15, 2017
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