question Danny sighed quietly and his body slumped on the curb as if all the muscles had gone out of it. He was fully conscious; he saw the street and the girl and boy walking up the sidewalk on the other side, holding hands because they were (?in love?) so happy about the day and themselves together in the day. He saw autumn leaves blowing along the gutter, yellow cartwheels of irregular shape. He saw the house they were passing and noticed how the roof was covered with(shingles. i guess it'll be no problem if the flashing's ok yeah that'll be all right. that watson. christ what a character. wish there was a place for him in "THE PLAY. " i'll end up with the whole fucking human race in it if i don't watch out. yeah. shingles. are there nails out there? oh shit forgot to ask him well they're simple to get. sidewinder hardware store. wasps. they're nesting this time of year. i might want to get one of those bug bombs in case they're there when i rip up the old shingles. new shingles. old) Question: In this case, what's the meaning of 'i'll end up with the whole fucking human race in it'?
Nov 16, 2017 2:14 PM
Answers · 12
i'll end up with the whole fucking human race in it if i don't watch out. I believe he must be in charge of getting actors for a play. He says Christ, what a character. Wish there were a place for him in the play. So, what he means is he cannot put this person in the play because there really isn´t a place for him. If he is not careful, he will have too many actors - that is, he would put the entire human race in the play if he is not careful. His concern is having too many actors in the play.
November 16, 2017
It appears the author is referring to the play and how many characters he is writing into it as he is writing. Many times the word "fucking" is just used as an emphasis. So with the phrase "the whole fucking human race" - it just means that if the writer keeps going at their current pace of introducing characters, the play will have every human in existence written into it. Generally something like this would be said with emotion. "The whole fucking song is bad." "Every word I say is fucking wrong." or "Every fucking word I say is wrong." "I really want to go to that fucking concert!" or "I really fucking want to go to that concert" or "I really fucking want to go to that fucking concert!"
November 16, 2017
The narrator is worried about casting too many people in the play. It is very hard to follow this, it is a stream of random thoughts, and it is hard know what the narrator is referring to since it is all out of context. "whole human race" means all the people in the world. It is an exaggeration.
November 16, 2017
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