What is the differences between "look" and "see" ?
Nov 16, 2017 6:52 PM
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Both words involve the eyes and the power of vision. You can both ‘look at’ something and ‘see’ something with your eyes. The words are considered synonyms for each other, however, there is a difference in the meaning and usage of the words. ‘Look’ when used as a verb can transitive or intransitive, so it can be used with or without an object grammatically. It means to direct the eyes and attention in a particular direction, but especially to examine or search for something with the eyes. For example: She looked at the ocean all afternoon. It can be used as a command to focus the eyes on something. For example: Look what I have for you here! Along with this definition, it can take on the meaning to stare or gaze at in wonder or surprise. For example: He just looked at me when I showed up early. ‘Look’ can also have a more abstract meaning of expecting or anticipating something. For example: We are looking forward to your visit. As well, it can refer to the appearance of something or its expression. For example: She has the look of an educated person. Finally related to the verb meaning, ‘look’ can be used as a noun to mean the act of looking at, examining, trying to find or considering something
November 16, 2017
"To look" is to direct the eyes toward something. "To see" is to take notice of and make sense of what the eyes are directed at. "I looked up at the sky just before dawn, and saw Venus shining in the east." "I looked in the supermarket's ad, and I saw that they were selling blueberries at half the regular price." "Look! There's a deer." "I don't see it." "Look back there--just to the left of that tree." "Oh, yes! Now I see it." In this poetic example from an old song, the singer feels sad and misses a departed lover. She thinks about him and imagines "seeing" him everywhere: "I'll be seeing you In every lovely summer's day, In everything that's light and gay, I'll always think of you that way. I'll find you in the morning sun, And when the night is new-- I'll be looking at the moon, But I'll be seeing you."
November 16, 2017
" Look" - to look at something for a reason, with an intention. Ex.. ‘Look at that strange man.’ ‘Look at the pictures I took on holiday.’ " See" -to ‘see’ something that comes into our sight that we weren’t looking for. Ex.. ‘Did you see that bird? – I wasn’t looking for it, it just appeared. ‘I saw you driving to work today.’ Hope that help you... [emoji][emoji]
November 16, 2017
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