My Korean lesson is it just? Good evening. I recently did a lesson on personal pronouns in Korean, but I'm not sure what I put on since I did my research on the internet. Is there a mistake or a wrong explanation? can you correct me? Thank you in advance for your answers. ''The singular masculine form in the third person (he) is 그 in Korean. 그녀 for girls. Sometimes 여러분 or 'everyone' is used instead. 이것 This 그것 it 저것 it's We can combine them with particles and shorten them as well: - 그것이 그것 + 이 = 그것이 = 그게 - 이것이 이것 + 이 = 이것이 = 이게 - 저것 이 저것 + 이 = 저것 이 = 저게 - 이것을 이것 + 을 = 이것을 = 이걸 - 그것을 그것 + 을 = 그것을 = 그걸 - 저것 을 저것 + 을 = 저것 을 = 저걸 - 이것은 이것 + 은 = 이것은 = 이건 - 그것은 그것 + 은 = 그것은 = 그건 - 저것 은 저것 + 은 = 저것 은 = 저건. Sometimes you can use 그것이, 이것이, 저것, 그것은, 이것은 or 저것 은 to talk about a thing or a person. By cons 이것을, 그것을 or 저것 을 are only to talk about an object because of the object particle 을." Thanks.
Nov 16, 2017 8:38 PM
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Oh, I see...Thank you very much ^^
November 17, 2017
All those can be about a person. The object marker just indicated that that person has the function of an object (me, him, her etc.). 그것 = "that" near the other person, or the abstract concept of "that" (not in field of view) 저것 = "that" away from both persons, but in field of view. Can both be in the real world, or a reference to a word or picture (etc.) in a chat conversation.
November 17, 2017
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