who wants to learn arabic ? Who wants to learn arabic and teach me english ?
Nov 17, 2017 5:31 PM
Answers · 8
Sir, I want to learn Arabic. After my recent trip to Morocco, I became even more interested in learning. I was able to get around with my French, but I would prefer to speak Arabic. As one of the six languages of the U.N. and as a language that has grown in importance worldwide, I would very much like to learn the language. I have studied some Arabic on my own, but just a little reading. I would very much like to learn. Where are you from and why do you ask? Evan Franulovich
November 17, 2017
Hi Michael ! That's very good ! Me too I'm learning english. When you would practise some Arabic you'are Welcome! I could give you some help. If you want, we could be freinds !
November 17, 2017
Hey, I'd like to learn Arabic one day. It's a very interesing language. But for now I'm focus in my english. Have a good day!
November 17, 2017
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