Question(please) Hi, there Could you help me with two questions? 1) On facebook, a group called "Talking Tuesdays" wrote: This week opens Talking Tuesday's QUIZ NIGHT!" and then: "Next week will be BOARD GAME NIGHT at Talking Tuesday".. Do they sound odd? Can you say "This week opens..." and "Next week will be..."? 2) In "I setup a website that gets the job done for free. All/Everyone praise open-source.", should I say "everyone" or "all" praise open source? Please...
Nov 18, 2017 1:11 AM
Answers · 2
1)They can have both of your examples. However, "will be" is a less exciting way to announce something. If something is a new event, they will do something more active and energetic, like "opens" 2) Everyone praises
November 18, 2017
November 18, 2017
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