Bachir Eulmi N
(you and I ) or (you and me) ? it's a bit confusing in a direct conversation, for a non native speaker, to choose the right combination of words, ordered in a way that might make him/her sound natural, even if they got a high level in English, with good grammar and vocabulary. so my question is : is there any way, or trick or anything alike that could help choosing the right combination of words that work together and make the speech sound right to the ear ? I.e : *high price and tall building ( could we say High building?) * black n white ( white and black ??) * left and right or right and left and there's a long list of such. Thanks in advance.
Nov 18, 2017 7:05 AM
Answers · 6
Dude... let me see if i can help you. 'You and I' are pronouns - the subjects of the sentence - so you are going to use them with a verb. For example: You and I are going to rent a van and drive across Canada. 'you and me' is NOT ever a subject. Use it like this: - She gave herpes to you and me. - That song is about you and me. - He is going to shoot you and me. - "It's just you and me, cowboy!" Does that help? If not, YOU AND I can discuss it further. ; ) Evan Franulovich
November 18, 2017
Hello Bachir, I hope you are doing well. Reading. The constant repetition of words and patterns in reading helps you learn and remember vocabulary and grammar structures. I hope it helps.
November 18, 2017
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