Oblique Mood Hey, guys! I'm a little bit confused with using this grammar point in my speech. Could you help me, please? Are these sentences correct? 1. It's time to go to sleep. 2. It's time you went to sleep. 3. I'd rather study harder to pass the exams. 4. I'd rather you studied harder. (how to translate this sentence?) 5. You'd better study harder to pass all the exams. 6. You study so hard as If you had too little time. 7. It's necessary to be on time. 8. It's necessary she be on time. 9. It was necessary she be on time. 10. it is desirable we do something. 11. I demand you complete this task by Monday. 12. She orders me to go to the beach. Thank you in advance!
Nov 19, 2017 8:07 AM
Answers · 1
4. I want you to study harder. 8. I would rather say: It's necessary for her to be on time. / It's necessary she is on time. 9. I am not sure but it doesn't sound correct. I would say: It was necessary she was on time. If we are talking about past. But I am not native. Good luck
November 19, 2017
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