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Could someone write a text about this? Jaume has received a "lesson" from his teacher in Spain to tell a little about what he and his family have experienced in Norway, how he experiences the winter here and what plans he has. He has written down some key words to an email to the class. Use them and help him write the email. Tell a little about what he has experienced so far, something about what he is doing now and a little about his plans to come. Write in Spanish. la oscuridad – nieve esquí navidad “julenissen” (Santa Claus) sin reyes magos lecciones de noruego chicas guapas excursión al fiordo fútbol sacar foto de la familia “russ” (Norwegian seniors celebrating national holiday 17.mai) exámenes verano ¿volver? facebook
Nov 20, 2017 1:50 PM